Moving Specials

      Offering incredible deals to any appointment scheduled by April 5th, 2010!!  Deals range anywhere from free sittings to reduced package prices and free small portraits! Additional deals for referrals!! Suggest a friend and you receive additional bonuses upon their purchase! Sittings are not limited to studio sittings only! You may choose studio, location or even event photography and the special still applies!!

Models Needed!

      Love Art Photography is now looking for models in the following categories:

Siblings- looking for young siblings for outdoor shoot in park or like setting.

Teens- looking for both male and female teen models for Sr. Portrait type shoots in an outdoor setting.

Couples- looking for couples of any age for outdoor shoots i.e. engagement, anniversary, etc.

Pets- looking for well behaved pets either alone or with kids, families or couples.

     Models will not receive pay but will be compensated with a C.D. with best images for online sharing and up to 5 images that can be reprinted anywhere.  All images will be digitally edited and will also have studio watermark.